Another bomb blast in Mumbai. People die, but the our Mumbai specific spirit never dies. There were 7 blasts in mere 11 minutes. Western Railway has already stopped moving. It was obvious. Relief operations started at the second next. Mammoth strain is now evident on Road Transport. BEST Buses are all packed. 1 train caries some thousands of people but one BEST can carry nearly 100 people, maximum. Although BEST Management has issued extra buses back on track, they are simply unable to carry the 10 times more load than usual.
          Now what to do? What will people do to commute? Now the helping and supportive spirit lightens the scenario. All types of conventionally available public transport of Mumbai, like Rickshaws, Taxis and BEST has ran out of it’s capacities. We all will help ourselves. Now some of us have come up with our private vehicles like jeeps, omnis and even trucks. We just take people, pack our cars, leave people at their destination, come back and repeat. A normal truck driver in mumbai, now doing it in two shifts. They fill up whole truck with people and keep driving till people reach their destination. We all, collectively,  help government to relieve Mumbai from the disaster and all on our own. Because we all have the exemplary helping spirit. Our real spirit is shown not during the faltoo tests of saying thank you and all, but at such times of disaster and when it is needed.
          But a day should come and this all should stop. Government must make it first preference to give proper security to people. And also to complete the justice process rapidly. Till date, the extrimists behind 1993 Mumbai Blasts are to be hung.
          We wait for the day and for universal elimination of extrimism.


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