Tatas bring the Jaguar to India

It is raining outside. Cool breezes are flowing by. And to add to the flavour, the tatas launch the iconic jaguar and land rover brands in India. I am simply delighted! I hereby, thank Mr. Ratan Tata profusely for choosing aamchi mumbai for the show.

I just don’t really care about the fate of JLR. The Tatas own it, and are negotiating with the British government for the very much needed financial stimulus. It is said that history repeats. And its happening right now. We need not go too long back. In the last century, The East India Company, chartered by the British Queen, was seen negotiating with Indian Nawabs, Rajas and Peshwas. The British company offered security in exchange with trading and land owning/colonizing rights. Coming back to present tense, the negotiations very well suit to Mahatma Gandhi’s India. The tatas own JLR, an iconic and purely british brand. Some years ago, it was a matter of pride for british people. Ironically, to save their matter of pride, they need a native Indian company! In exchange of the (billions of ) sterling pounds and the big British pride, we give them a good management, penetration in existing and expansion in new markets and also a much needed employment and a vow to save it from the recession.

Another exciting thing can be infusing JLR technology in Tatas own cars. Just fantasize about seeing a Tata Safari with a land rover engine below the bonnet! And we return the favour by exporting our own Tata Safari back to England and other European nations! Or our very much loved, Tata Indica galloping through the Bandra-Worli Sealink, thanks to JLR technology!

It is very much obvious that the Jaguar and Land Rover is out of common man’s hand yet. But please Mr. Ratan Tata, integrate the technology and we can see a totally new roadmap to Indian future!

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