Rain, Bike & A Highway!

Rain, bike and highway. They do form a adrenalin rushing trio, isn’t it? Thundering sound of rains, rumble of bike’s engine and silence around that empty highway front of you. and you have another rush of excitement running through your spine!

All that written above happened to me,  just around an houror two ago. I was returning from a friend’s place in Borivali. I took two consecutive right turns and joined the (Western Express) highway. Then I overtook a sloppy BEST bus, only to be greeted by a red signal. I came to a screeching halt… (I tell you, braking on wet road with wet tyre is very risky at times, especially when you have a bus at your back!) There was layed a scene for me. A slight turn to the road, road dividing into a flyover and next exit, Fading yellow street lights… with one on the top of flyover flickering! Now signal goes green, BEST bus honks, I shift to first and zooop! I got fading into the scene.

So late night, there is very less traffic southwards. Road is all wet. Rain is literally piercing my face. On the top of the flyover, I suspect if my tyre is really touching the road or its just water that my bike is running on! Further away near kandivali, the big total 8 lane highway is open from both sides. With no big buildings arounds, it is a playground for naughtiest of winds. Again a slight turn on road. I am Rossi on Splendor. I don’t turn but tilt my bike a bit. The wind comes hurling down and shakes my leg. So hard, that my balance actually shuddered. Never experienced sommething like this before… I am like F*%^ F#%@ F$@%. My swearing finds no end. I change lanes from the fastest one. My speed is visibly reduced (Overdose of shampoo and skin cream ads has resulted into this phrase, ‘visibly reduced’!)

There are yet many more slight turns, potholes and flyovers to go for Goregaon… During drier times I reach home really within the flying time but tonight, I saw the time fly by. I could count my cold breathing, my swearings, my half wet body shudders. But come what may, there was a road forward always.

4th…………………………………………………………..  3rd………………………………….. 2nd………… 1st…… neutral. I come to final stop. An exit for goregaon. I relieve my clenching fists on handlebar. My hand is cold and Red! It looks like too much of blood was being flown here… I rub them onto each other in a hope to normalize them. Scorpio in front of me lends me a big cloud of diesel and zooms ahead. I see the signal is green, again! I move forward, sans any highway. A few turns more and my home awaits me… … …

2 thoughts on “Rain, Bike & A Highway!”

    1. ॒ क्षिप्रा,
      आपण लक्षात ठेवून इतक्या दिवसांनी (का होईना!) उत्तरल्याबद्दल धन्यवाद. मुळात मी नक्की कशासाठी आपणांस प्रतिक्रिया दिली होती तेच विसरलो होतो. हे लेख मी आधीच वाचलेत. मी ग्रामिण मुम्बईकर नावाने मनोगतावर वावरतो…

      ता.क.: माझ्या या ब्लॉगवरही प्रतिक्रिया दिली असती, तर जास्त आनंद झाला असता. धन्यवाद!

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