An Experience of Paa

“I had come to watch paa with great expectations. Amitabh, even if desires to, can’t act bad… When he is Auro, no essence  of Amitabh can be found. This film is just too many of stories filled into one. The film’s tag line is about a father son son father relationship. But both of these characters do not know each other till the intermission. Till intermission, only politics is done! Abhishek performing in same way that he did in Sarkar Raj. No matter how good or bad this movie is, Amitabh’s performance is sure going to be a milestone in his life and in bollywood’s history too. Though late, when the anonymous relation between the two starts building, it takes off very good. But that is limited to it, unfortunately.”

Everything above this line is written in mobile’s sms mode while watching “paa”. For someone like me, the movie happened to be an unexpectedly boring and hopeless experience. I forced myself to watch movie after the intermission, only to get out of the theatre within an hour afterwards.

The movie was a complete dissatisfaction, only Amitabh is saving the grace (with little help from Vidya Balan) for sure!


2 thoughts on “An Experience of Paa”

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