Remembering Pristina

Pristina… was a pristine girl as her name suggested. Her eyes, face never looked much smiling or attitude laden, but it evoked a sense of pristinity in viewer’s mind. Her greenish eyes, of lighter shade, always looked pale. They were pale greenish, clean and had a layer of cleanest water of earth on them! You could actually look through them to see a cloudless horizon. Her small face with loosely ponied jet black hair, straighter nose and slender lips with a firm jawline was a killing combination but didn’t fall in typical wow catagory. She lived upto her name for sure. Just some days ago, she again occupied all my thoughts. Why and how are the questions I can’t answer.
She occupied my thoughts that is I longed to experience a cloudless horizon, rain washed green tree blossoms and clean straight and firm thoughts in my mind. When some of the typical bimbos spared me another glance, pristina helped me keep my feet firm on ground. Her straight and fast thinking always amazed me. As a result of this amazement, our eyes would lock and all she could see is a sleepery mesh of confusion and me, cloudless horizon. She needed not to utter a single word then! She was nothing sort of too close friend of mine. Neither I had any. May be because, I knew she was there, somewhere near me.
Something happened and this haphazard trust of mine broke. She went away without a word. I think, she had to… otherwise why would she leave being one of the toppers in college?! Years have passed since but nothing is heard from her. None knows where has she gone. Still I am not caring much. Because she is pristina. She has a pair of greenish eyes, of lighter shade… They always looked pale… Someone somewhere is fortunate enough to see a cloudless horizon, if not me!

6 thoughts on “Remembering Pristina”

  1. उउत्तम सादरीकरण !!!!!!!!!

    छान भावना आहेत!!!!!!!

    ही आपली कल्पना कि कोणी दूरदेशीची मेनका तरी ऊत्तम!!!!!!!!!!

    आषिश कुलकर्नी

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