An Award Aftermath

Infliction of the sense of someone watching me has been done to me. I will be more responsible in whatever I do and don’t from now on. A lot of known and unknown people watching me somehow. Pretty softly, I have experienced it. An award and some closed ones have done the magic, to be precise.
I meant it when I said infliction. Generally speaking, I can’t be myself when people are watching. I get conscious, behave like what I am not! This may be my social disability. So I tend to ignore people. But when they somehow get befriended, we all have nice time together.
But someone watching and analyzing what I am doing and not actually knowing me in person is very much different case. So thank you that the resultant infliction was so soft on me.
I reiterate to be more responsible in whatever I do and don’t.

One thought on “An Award Aftermath”

  1. You are doing gr8… Keep it up.

    The other day i just happened to go through the diaries that I throwed away on loft years ago. I went through the pages which I wrote and I sounded similar to what you write today. Thats because your current age is very vibrant.

    I wish you could keep this part of your brain even when you are 40+ unlike me….


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