Mera Bharat Mahaan

There are some things except proper food that can keep all our woes away. They are entertainment, extremism and drugs. Citing extremism and drugs as harmful in the long run, entertainment is the safest bet to keep people busy, away from real issues. Entertain, make them feel out of world then they will forget their hunger. Creating an illusion of a good world is so much cheaper… Half of Indian population is chronically hungry (malnourished, they say), majority of youth is unemployed and raping women is such a common phenomenon. What kind of global power are we going to be?… If at all we are.

Hunger, malnourishment are not big obstacles, not even worth solving. There is no profit involved. Profit is involved in bollywood and more in IPL… money is not where the need is. Money goes after money. You can’t see these laws working so much in tandem, anywhere else…

Mera Bharat Mahaan


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