You and the Sea

You sit on sand, beach sand
Sand, made salty by sea
Sand, made fragrant by pondy*
clean white half-wet sand
you run your hand through
next wave pushes you away
oh! you did tickle the sea
you enjoy that mischievous splash
gone across your body
salty salty
you stand up
all sand from behind
demure walk along the shore
makes sea little more kind

it starts raining
sea showering his love on you
albeit with no salt
you raise hands
want to embrace the clouds
want to reach yellow sun shine
he takes you into his arms
you, his bride
you wear fog
it keeps raining n raining
now all wet sand jumping
jumping to your feet with falling raindrops
me and white sand
can’t let you go
can’t let you go…

Alhad Mahabal
16 May 11

*pondy= pondicherry

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