Let me fathom this void first
Then I will go around
go around searching its non existing nature
I then need to check
how strong are the walls of this void

Then I shall think for
a second or two
about filling this void up

With what this void is meant to be filled?

Some fill it with anger,
turn terrorist
Some fill it with work
turn workoholic
Some fill it with hatred
turn extremists

Then some fill it with thoughts
turn philosophers
This reminds me of him
who filled it to such an extent of analysis
that life began to look like a comedy
to him

Can I fill it with meaning?
I could really do with some more meaning to what I am living for

Or my void is too small
to embrace all the meanings
life has on offer for me…

So should I be expanding void?
In order to fill it??



Alhad Mahabal
16 March 12

4 thoughts on “Void”

    1. Vinay Bajaj,
      I took time to ponder over your suggestion. Actually, your suggestion is a valid possibility. If done so, it only gives a slight deviation to the meaning.
      In those last words, I first think of filling the void with meaning. Then I think that my void is a small one. (It is indeed an assertive statement there rather than a question!) Then the poem culminates with the feeling that in order to fill up the void, should I need to expand it or what?!

      Loved your comment. Would like to have more of them on few other English pieces written here. 🙂

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