About Discrimination

It is hard not to discriminate between other individuals for a really balanced and free minded person. As barring the really balanced and free minded person, every other one hails from different culture and more importantly has varying sense and standard of morality. While a really balanced and free minded person doesn’t actually disapprove his own cultural background, he stays open to assimilate other person’s principles, morals and even whole culture, when and where is seems to be appropriate and better than his own. A really balanced and free minded person chooses not to judge on the basis of ethnicity, colour, nationality and the cultural background.
Exactly at this juncture, he encounters a huge problem. This problem can commonly be termed as stereotypes. All other folks, as it seems to that really balanced and free minded person, barring himself, stick very closely to their culture and moralities. This brings forth a queer problem that their characters, their own thinking power, simply cannot stride beyond the intangible barriers that they have set themselves for them in the name of culture. Broadly speaking, it applies to all those folks who deem their own religion or caste to be the best one and sort of the saviour of the world. This acutely applies to all those caste based insecure people who always think that their caste is being threatened, being overtaken by others, and finally is on the verge of an extinction! So when a really balanced and free minded person goes out there and tries not to discriminate, all the replies he gets still qualify to be discriminative hence defeating the very purpose of indiscrimination.
So what should such a baffled indiscriminator do? Should he gather all the similar thinkers and cry foul about all others? I do not at all think that is a viable option. There is something that may be a step closer to a possible solution but it seems so bizarre that I fail to prove it even to myself! So how should one, who basically wants no discrimination of this type, go about it? Any ideas about it?

Alhad Mahabal
27 Oct 12
1:00 PM

One thought on “About Discrimination”

  1. a nice write up.. simple too. as a matter of fact, why do we label people’s reactions to various things as ‘discriminating’ or not the one? and who is a ‘balanced’ or freeminded person? clarify.
    discrimination, from Socilogical point of view is depriving some one of her rights, rewards that s/he deserves simply because of her / his membership to a certain class or caste. now, a free minded person will go above the class divisions and merely see the merits of the person.

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