Scent of a Working Woman

She was hastily getting herself ready for yet another workday. Unlike other women, she was fast! For example, her bath was never a ritual for her, even on holidays.
So she darted out of bathroom, half wet. As she proceeded ahead to clothing up, she began to sweat. She thought such is the weather in Mumbai. She left her house donning that earthy sweaty scent as her unique perfume. She confidently carried herself into an already crowded bus. An hour later when she alighted for her office, she also had subtle notes of Charlie, Brut, Cigar and what not.
She entered her office, that sweetly perfumed air conditioned space welcomed her. She nonchalantly began her usual work; she wasn’t at all a new bee. Post lunch she kept moving from one cabin for another for meetings and discussions. By the end of the day, another gruesome hour of travelling back home awaited her.
She took a detour and instead went to the sea shore. She removed her sandals. She let the yellow white sand tickle ehr bare feet. Sky was moving from dark orange to black. A day had passed and she had remaining night all to her own. With this thought springing up in her mind, she casually sat down in the sand, relaxed. Sea breezes suddenly started feeling tad more salty. She absent mindedly wiped her lips with her tongue trying to brush off the salty taste. Funnily enough, they also tasted a bit minty like after a first kiss.
Breezes that went past her, then smelled sweet! After a few calm moments later she stood up and took a cab home. Cab driver welcomed her with a smile as he smelled heavily of paan. Even he couldn’t understand why suddenly he felt happy. He, nonetheless, downed the meter and rode off to her house. By the time she came home, she had a fragrant earthy scent that had gone slightly smokey. It sometimes was felt as a harsh turn-on yet with notes of that pure womanhood. And that was a scent of a working woman.

Alhad Mahabal
28 Jan 13


4 Responses to “Scent of a Working Woman”

  1. 1 Nil
    जानेवारी 29, 2013 येथे 4:13 म.उ.

    half way through I started guessing she is visually impaired (specially with Pachino-movie like title)…but I guess she is not…or is she? or is it open to interpretation?

    • 2 आल्हाद alias Alhad
      जानेवारी 30, 2013 येथे 10:40 म.पू.

      Actually speaking there was no blindness thought when I wrote this. For me she is just another working woman like everyone else. Yet it can be kept to interpret for the reader.
      It was an attempt of describing working and fiercely independent womenfolk of today through the way of scents and smells. The title is only limited to that and does not relate to the movie.

      Btw, hats off to Al Pacino for that movie!

  2. जानेवारी 30, 2013 येथे 1:03 म.उ.

    True story of a working woman… at-least she is lucky enough to enjoy the sunset at seashore 🙂

  3. 4 Shubhangi
    फेब्रुवारी 4, 2013 येथे 3:15 म.उ.

    “………Sea breezes suddenly started feeling tad more salty. She absent mindedly wiped her lips with her tongue trying to brush off the salty taste. Funnily enough, they also tasted a bit minty like after a first kiss…”

    wow.. I could visualize her through ur words.. so nicely penned.. liked it..

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