She, he and the primal rhythm

Her eyes shone with the love she had for him. Their twinning lips touched each others and the moments after were uniformly honey’d.

None remembered how long had passed the time when they finally could brake the kiss. Her heart had swelled with an unknown feeling that would hit up her breath every time he touched. Not that he touched her everywhere like a touch cannibal, rather he couldn’t find a place to rest his hands upon. They were wiggling in each other’s embrace then he found one. He went a few millimeters away from her, more she wouldn’t permit, and rested his both palms open on her cheeks. He looked in her eyes. He saw himself. He was floating in water, which seemed endless. Within a moment a drop flowed down her cheek and she knew his floating has created much ripples in her. She couldn’t think much on it then. She just pulled him ahead towards her and surrendered to do whatever her heart wanted.
He suddenly lifted her off and put down on stone cold floor. Her naked hands went numb as they touched the floor. Putting her down he lifted both her feet together and planted a peck on the top of her big toes. She had no emotion to offer. He nonchalantly went up kissing her. First top of her feet then sheen bone then knee and from there he looked up to her. Muscles around her pelvis had involuntarily started to tighten. He leaped ahead and again planted a peck, this time on her crotch.
She couldn’t take his speed of doing things. She got hold of his shirt collar and pulled him up. Another long session of lip honeying ensued. Again none knew the time passed yet sensed this has lasted much longer with multi fold increase in passion. Everything around was dead silent but those salival wet sounds of their passionate kissing. Suddenly she felt that there clothes rustled too much against each other. Without another go at thinking about it, she began fumbling with his shirt buttons. He only took the que faster and hastened to remove her sleeveless top and everything altogether. They never knew how they broke the kiss and how far they threw each other’s clothes. It was that magical time when they were caught in each other’s eyes once again. She gazed deep in her eyes. She felt if she was bathing and drowning in his magically brownish chocolate eyes at the same time. She thought to herself, had she found refuge from the cruel ways of the outer world? Had she finally had a den for her to be herself, fold herself in a loving cocoon and sleep peacefully while his strong hands nurtured every bit of her? She had to take this dip. She had to explore this den herself. She had to find an answer.
This time around she preferred his neck over his wet lips. She exasperatedly went about kissing his neck and semi consciously smelling him. She was gradually coming down taking as many strolls she wanted to take on his neck, collarbone, shoulders, chest and nipples. Every touch at his nipple would send waves of an unique tingling sensation all over him. He failed to associate the sensation to anything from his past. And then he was lost in a kingdom of sheer touch. Lovably enough he fell on her naked breasts. She embraced him very lovingly like that, which seemed like she understood him. Now an echo of her thundering heart beats was in his ears. He was waking up to a rhythm. A rhythm so primal that no man and woman together had ever failed to dance and match steps on it. It at last turned out to be sheer exhaustion yet it captivated men and women alike as if it was really being drummed in their respective hearts. Such were their dancing prowess and they danced on it.
He was playing on her breasts like a child left to play alone with whole garden at his disposal. He could just run his mouth through, could smooch, press, eat, chew, gargle and what not! She was certainly enjoying it with her eyes closed with one hand running wild on his head and one just dangling over her own head. And so they were soon unstoppable. He started to move down. He was apprehensive a little and so meek was her resistance. He let go of his apprehension and she let go of her resistance, in tandem. It was that primal rhythm slowly taking them over. While helping themselves to be fully naked, they both were shy. Both had their hearts working overtime and their privates in biggest state of arousal probably since their birth. Now they were not at all feeling cold floor. They were happy for there was no rustle from their clothes to disturb them. From rubbing skin and subtle ah’s, had he been in more correct state of mind, could have created a musical piece with substantial poetry and that primal rhythm in it. But he had other priorities. Loving his girl was the only one and so foremost. And he was going to do that with all his might.
He saw between her legs a neatly trimmed crop of hair and pink inviting vagina glowing wet. She saw between his legs a tall shaft grown from neatly mowed tufts of grass with a reddish bulb head and a sparkling dew drop on it. For reasons then unknown to her, whatever they saw sent a sweet shiver through their spines. They needed an extra dose of bodily heat and began to hurriedly draw it from each other. They had lost their minds. Their world was cracklingly compressed to the limits of each others bodies. They were having all the pleasure that their compressed world can offer by myriad ways of sight, touch and smell. Their impertinent need for getting a feedback was getting provided by subtle, often inaudible crooning from both bodies. Now even stone cold floor was aroused. Wet with their sweat, floor was turning warmer and so wild was getting the couple’s mad dance on that primal rhythm. The bodies were soon to end their separate existence and be nothing but one. Primal rhythm was tirelessly beating in their hearts at it’s highest tempo. Their minds, their different identities had lost their separate existence and the bodies were being governed by their respective hearts. Bodies were helplessly matching steps to the beat.
And as a thought about but unplanned event, a thrust had occurred and he was mercilessly shoved into her. She felt something like her intestines tearing up. But the orgasmic tsunami was so huge that she forgot the pain and began caressing him down between the legs as faar as she could keep the tsunami from finally hitting the shore. So she could enjoy those surreal floating moments more. But he wasn’t really in a same state of mind. She had showered so much wild love on him that now he wanted to drawn himself in and stay there forever, if he could. Primal rhythm was at the fastest humanly possible tempo for long. Any second it could miss a beat and both bodies will collapse to nothing but exasperation.
For some reasons unknown, he suddenly slowed down. He was about to completely go out, she couldn’t take it. She managed to bring him back in and so he went into her slowly. He, ceremoniously, came down to her, looked in her eyes. Both of them lost themselves then and there. Their lips touched, honey’ing ensued. Tsunami hit the shore. They were one. She further clutched him extracting last bit of energy from herself and he, in return showered her with his juice of love…. Rhythm has perpetuated.
He, She and the Primal Rhythm.

4 thoughts on “She, he and the primal rhythm”

    1. Thanks Rahul.
      I take your comment as a token of acceptance from my readers. I had posted this with much deliberation and hence stood by my honest creation.

      Thanks for the support! 😀

  1. This is fucking awsssome man ….your language is dancing here!
    This is the best of all ur literally gems so far!
    & yes reading this with Santana is a lethal combo!!!
    Not sure why this did not reach larger audience!
    PS: I aspire to write something like this in Marathoo one day…also has a name for it “Marotica!”

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