She, he and the primal rhythm II

They were still dozing intermittently when the sun was setting. The sky was orange, rare pieces of clouds appeared deep blue. The birds had returned home and were chirping happily.

It was now when she finally rose her head from his bare chest. He, realising the weight going off his chest, opened his eyes. Suddenly sensing her own stark nakedness, she felt nervous. She blushed. She now stood where they had made love. The flooring still felt warm and moist to her bare feet. Evening sunlight, filtered through window panes was colouring her breasts. Breasts were still red, happy with the exertions of lovemaking. He, lying on the floor, felt content and was enjoying an unnameable joy of observing her breasts coloured with that magnificent evening sunlight. She quickly gathered her clothes and ran inside. Now it was his turn to feel his own nudity.
He lazily wore back his clothes without even sitting up. He felt very tired. His head was still coming to terms with what had happened. He had covered himself and yet was spread there with certain calmer feeling. It wasn’t the case that he lead a turbulent life but he still felt calmer than usual. Soon, he felt his dried up throat and woke up to have some water. Slight sensation of hunger was also slowly coming up, he thought to himself. He went to the kitchen, had a glass full of water in one go. She was still unheard of. Little worried he moved over to bedroom.
This morning, he remembered, how meticulously he had made the bed, cleaned up the room and sprayed an air freshener before drawing the curtains. He smiled to himself. There she was sleeping, tired from their lovemaking and hastily putting back all the clothes, so much that when the sleep overtook her, she couldn’t even close her mouth. To him, she looked cute. He sat down on the floor, eyeing her. His heart swelled with admiration. He closed her open mouth as softly as he could. He didn’t really think of but planted a silly peck on her forehead. What did that mean? He thought and thought before he gave up to another round of this blessed sleep beside her. Hours later when they finally woke up fresh, they were so hungry that they could literally eat each other. They avoided that! He ordered parcels from nearby restaurant. And when she sat on sofa. He sat in a chair. They were before each other, looking at each other, probably to extract the meaning from each other. They simply had no words to speak of.
She looked so different now. Few hours ago, she was there in his hands, getting tasted, crumpled, crushed and loved in a sense. Now she sat straight, fully clothed. He failed to see even a wrinkle on her clothes. Her hair were neatly parted on a side and tied up loosely. It was his favourite hairstyle of her. He sat relaxed in the cosy chair. His clothes looked like a flimsy layer of something inorganic hanging by his shoulders. He now seemed like having gained a new identity in her eyes. She was out again to face the cruel world. Only now she knew that she had a den for herself.
They had slowly started talking; talking about current politics, upcoming movies and overall patheticity of public infrastructure. But she was having a lot of other thoughts going on in her mind simultaneously. She thought, which she later found strange, nudity actually was her den. She was completely hating his clothes that looked inorganic, in which he unnecessarily seemed sitting miles away. She herself was uncomfortable. Thankfully she had softest pair of undergarments on her yet they chafed. Those made her sit uncomfortably straight. He felt he belonged to her. His every part did. He thought he could make love to her nose tip for half an hour. He laughed to himself but she did have a cute little nose there. She too uncomfortably smiled and tried to relax. Doorbell rang. Food parcels were delivered.
They ate slowly. They savoured each bite of it. Food was simple but tasted well. All ingredients were put in a correct proportion. She equated it to their lovemaking and blushed. He looked at her and tried to smile with a big bite in mouth. She went ahead to wash hands. He got the plates and cleaned up everything. She quickly made beds. Not wanting to sleep so immediately after eating, she just sat on an edge of the bed. He came over.  He sat down on knees. They kissed lightly. He looked in her eyes. He felt warm. He kissed her eyes, her nose too. She felt flattered. She observed stubble had now started to show on his cheeks now. She kissed his stubble. He said he would shave tomorrow. Lazily they spread themselves over the bed. They were new people today. They were eager to start a new day with this newfound vigour. She needed to get back to her place tomorrow. And may be needed to buy an even softer pair of undergarments. He needed to shave. Needed to get back to his exercise routine. May be a haircut too would do.
They thought sub-consciously as they drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

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