Money is a slow rain

Money is a slow rain
Where it takes me a month
To get drenched

It comes, stays for a while
Goes down the drain
And I wait for another
Money is a slow rain

It never leaves me dry
Nor makes me shiver
It only comes as a dutiful wife
Money is a slow slow rain

Shall I salt the clouds
Or move over to a desert
To build my own oasis

Clouds elude, desert feels hot
And oasis is only a mirage
As I see in each raindrop
Money is very slow rain

Outside the rain, time runs fast
People build oasis or perish, alas
My thirst is quenched drop by drop
Money is only a slow rain

I am drenched, without a shiver
I am loved, without a fever
I just exist in a perceived safety net
Money is a slow rain…

17 Jan 15
Alhad Mahabal

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