In Dino

I simply love In Dino from Life in a Metro. I could be drunk on this song. It has beautiful lyrics, tune and arrangements too. The best part is that I have my past associated with it. It takes me back to the days when I was a dreamy guy going to or coming from his photography class, in a packed local train.

I had a Nokia 2310 back then. The best thing about the phone was its colour screen and and FM. In Dino was hugely popular back then on FM channels. And back then FM channels had more songs and less babble. So the song filled my dreamy head about enormous possibilities that were out there for me to explore. But love always took a backseat when I thought about photography.
Now I am a full time photographer; earning my bread and butter solely through photography. Lately now I have been able to look around my car and think about a thing that I had put in the backseat years ago, love. Song says I have a full permission for falling in love or something like that. Crazy enough, I have never asked anybody’s permission even for falling down and settling in such a fuzzy and uncertain profession called photography. So I instead concentrate more on khwaab sajaa part of it and BAM. No khwaabs come other than different light setups and optimizing my process. But that surely doesn’t mean my life is berang. So I push myself further my broodings in tanhai. Thanks to the internet, my khwaabs still are of pornographic fantasy nature. Now this should tell you how I crave for a shock of reality!
Like majority, this song is also dedicated to an imaginary tu, who keeps changing from Kangana to a random girl across the coffee shop. The movie itself doesn’t show a rosy picture of relationships either. Plus I won’t even have a band singing for me in the background on a local train station. How life seems ordinary once you start watching movies! But In Dino anyhow, it keeps my hopes alive. And I think I would do better if start doing instead of just hoping.
And there I start craving to listen Rishtey, another gem from Life in a Metro!

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