Trapped in tight bounds…

Trapped in tight bounds of my own existence
Still overwhelmed by the monstrosity
And underwhelmed by the happenings
I often choose to sleep
To stop my head from exploding

While my work recorded reflected light
My literature explored possibilities of reality
Larger reality often came literaturized
As mine was trapped by my existence

I slept and dreamt of calmer times
I slept and dreamt limited risks where
I knew I would triumph unscathed
As I created an alternative reality of my own

I am still bewildered for the real risks
Do not offer me such guarantee yet
I would be forced to live my life with them
I can’t wake up from tight bounds of my own existence

I calculate, work, take risks and get spent
For material, tangible and measurable pursuits
I dream, fantasize, overthink and sleep
For all that is abstract, intangible like a relief when waking up from deep sleep

I dream to wake from this reality
Hope to walk into other
Till I don’t know which is which
Literature is not enough
Reality fuels my imagination
And slowly it has been dying…

3 July 16

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