The Holiday

After much delay, I finally watched ‘The Holiday‘. I watched ‘The Holiday’ that Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz took, not the Akshay Kumar one. The film talks about love. It limits itself on just finding love. If you want a bollywood style “lived happily ever after” fairy tail, look elsewhere. I saw the film being classified as a romantic comedy which I think it is not. It incites few good laughs and that’s about it. The story is about Iris and Amanda, falling out of love with Jasper and Ethan and finding Graham and Miles, across the Atlantic.

The film is not as straight forward and/or boring as I just made it sound. Even I have told you the complete outline, believe me, I have not spoilt it for you. Now that I have got the story out of the way, let me talk about other things. A discerning ear should enjoy the slight difference in American and British accents. A discerning pair of eyes would detect differences in photographing snow laden British countryside vs sunny and windy LA and how it changes the skin tone and overall mood of the visuals. Then there is the background score by Hans Zimmer waiting to be discerned by an able brain. A good background score should not cross the blurry line yet help the scene convey more and enhance the impact. Hans Zimmer does exactly that. He never takes the forefront, rarely catches attention but it is there in the background, silently pouring into us until we realize that our feet were dancing while we were totally absorbed in Iris’s letting go of her poisonous unrequited love for Jasper and finally moving on. Hans Zimmer’s work on this film won International Film Music Critics Award for Best Original Score for a Comedy Film.

The film should be hard to digest for a typical middle class person when Iris and Amanda exchange their homes, cars and everything without even meeting once and within next day they are across the ocean. How can they get a ticket? Do they always have their Visa ready or they don’t need one? And how can they do it all in one day including the flight across an ocean and a continent? We need to reach Mumbai Airport at least 4 hours before departure. So the timeline didn’t work for me. But there was Kate Winslet and Jude Law with their ‘oh so cute’ British accent. Amanda on the other continent is a movie advertiser who runs the business right from her palatial mansion. All she does is cut trailers for a movie and which is why the movie makers pay her ‘the big bucks’. It works okay for the premise and facilitates Miles meeting Iris but it is not really convincing either. Film is crafted in a curios way. It goes out of the way of a typical rom-com to convey emotion. Whenever Amanda is confused, her mind starts playing a trailer of her life and her issues which she has a hard time stopping. It also shows Miles drifting away to mimic playing his keyboard while Maggie is trying to apologize and win him back.

Who is this Maggie now? Go on, watch the movie. Why, by the way, do you need a reason to watch a movie that features Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black and Cameron Diaz? It also stars Eli Wallach in a small but important role for the love of Hollywood’s golden age.


Alhad Mahabal
30 June 2017

One thought on “The Holiday”

  1. भारी लिहिलंय.. हा सिनेमा मी क्ष वेळा पाहिला आहे .. अजूनही क्ष वेळा बघेन. यात जवळजवळ प्रत्येक बाब जमून आलीये तरी तो मनोरंजनात्मक व्यावसायिक सिनेमा आहे याचं भान जराही सुटलेलं नाही.

    ता.क. अमेरिकन व ब्रिटनयामधील नागरिकांना एकमेकांच्या देशात जायला विजा लागत नाही. खूप विमानफेर्या असतात 😉

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