A Ledge

There is a thin ledge
between the valleys of
solitude and loneliness.

You can face either.
The ledge might break
if you try to balance yourself
in the middle.
Your afterlife won’t be different
than the current one.

When you face solitute,
fuck the fucked up world
forget unreciprocated feelings
forgive who had hurt you,
You create a monster.
A monster of loneliness
behind your back.
It feeds on the fucks
you stopped giving
the feelings you trashed
and the facade of forgiveness
you had had hard time putting up.

Solitude withers you.
If at all, any body turns up
curious enough to check on you,
they will only find the ashes
of interactions that never happened.
Not you.

Try facing loneliness though,
it is simple.
It is easy to victimize yourself.
Drink yourself to death.
But do a favour.
Vindicate everybody. Truly.

May be your ledge, a thin ledge
will support you longer.


-Alhad Mahabal
11 September 17


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