आजचं युग डिजिटल आहे
मी डिजिटल युगाचा खंदा पाईक आहे
मी जगतो डिजिटल
मरेनही डिजिटल
डिजिटल वाचन सुरू ठेवा

उणीवा आणि ओळख

तू काय आहेस हे तुझं तुला कळल्याशिवाय तुला कोण हवं आहे हे कसं कळेल? आपण आपल्याच जगण्याच्या बेड्या तोडून बाहेर पडलो नाही तर दुसर्‍याचं जगणं आपल्याला कसं समजून घेता येईल. तुला कळतंय का, आपण एका मोठ्ठ्या जिगसॉ पझलचे तुकडे आहोत. आपल्या आजूबाजूला कुठले तुकडे बरोबर बसतात हे बघण्यासाठी आपण आपल्या तुकडेपणातून बाहेर यायला नको? उणीवा आणि ओळख वाचन सुरू ठेवा


दिवसभराचा मानसिक थकवा घालवायला मी जोरजोराने व्यायाम करतो. शेवटी तिथल्या तिथेच आडवा होतो, शवासन किंवा कूल डाउन वगैरे नुसत्या सबबीच. पंख्याचा गरम वारा अंगावर भिरभिरत राहतो. इन द मूड फॉर लव्ह मधलं वेडं व्हायोलीन आजवरच्या अनेक उष्ण पानगळींच्या दिवसांची आठवण करून देत रहातं. झाडे वाचन सुरू ठेवा

In Dino

I simply love In Dino from Life in a Metro. I could be drunk on this song. It has beautiful lyrics, tune and arrangements too. The best part is that I have my past associated with it. It takes me back to the days when I was a dreamy guy going to or coming from his photography class, in a packed local train.

In Dino वाचन सुरू ठेवा

2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Espresso Love- 2

It is very funny not to know how to know the person you already love. The person as the person only, independent of family background, race, caste and religion; is a tricky thing to know, for you cannot label the person with common stereotypes. Each time the person needs an independent and unbiased discovery of it. Here it was a girl. He found himself wondering if he should keep her gender in mind or not, while studying her. In their (and in our too!) world, standards varied vastly depending upon the gender. He then thought her being woman was an undeniable truth and why would he deny anybody of their gender? And he was successful in narrowing down the question as what kind of woman (replacing person) was she? Espresso Love- 2 वाचन सुरू ठेवा