Dr. Mabuse & the Joker- A Comparison

Dr. Mabuse is a character in a film named The Testament of Dr. Mabuse in 1933 said this,

“Humanity’s soul must be shaken to its very depths, frightened by unfathomable and seemingly senseless crimes. Crimes that benefit no one, whose only objective is to inspire fear and terror.” Because the ultimate purpose of crime is to establish the endless empire of crime. A state of complete insecurity and anarchy, founded on the destruction of the ideals of a world doomed to annihilation. When humanity, subjugated by the terror of crime, has been driven insane by fear and horror, and when chaos has become supreme law, then the time will have come for the empire of crime. Dr. Mabuse & the Joker- A Comparison वाचन सुरू ठेवा

Mera Bharat Mahaan

There are some things except proper food that can keep all our woes away. They are entertainment, extremism and drugs. Mera Bharat Mahaan वाचन सुरू ठेवा