She, he and the primal rhythm II

They were still dozing intermittently when the sun was setting. The sky was orange, rare pieces of clouds appeared deep blue. The birds had returned home and were chirping happily.
She, he and the primal rhythm II वाचन सुरू ठेवा

I prefer not to remain at home… … …

I prefer not to remain at home in the evenings. It is not that, I go out every other day with someone pretty, but I am usually alone. So I ride my bike to the Mindspace area in Malad. This area is filled up with posh offices, clean and comparatively empty roads, hot babes and bikes from nearby call centers and sometimes modified cars too. It is also a favourite spot for uncles and aunties, whose size can only be classified as huge. So I don’t even look at them.

It is built upon a reclaimed land on Malad creek. And BMC just opened a “landscape designed” garden to conserve the nature over there. And the nature, sarcastically, only contains foul smelling sewage and dumps from the “Cleanup Mumbai”’s green coloured (another sarcasm!) trucks! OK. Don’t go much into that, because sunset really looks super natural from there. Also, being a hotspot for desperately romancing couples & unnecessarily overspeeding bikers, the traffic and other kinds of social police have increased their patrols in the area.

Of course, I do not fit in either case. Why a traffic police would look at a guy who is hopelessly maintaining the minimum required speed just to balance the bike and also wearing a helmet! And as far as the concern of the social police goes, there is usually no one pillion riding with me! Anyway, keep away the nuisance and environmental concern (if you have any), and just enjoy whatever comes in the scene. These days, this is how I enjoy myself!

I get out from my home around some half an hour before the sunset. I can ride quite a fast, cutting through the traffic. I take a turn and leave the over-polluted and traffic-jammed link road. I heave a sigh of relief. Beware; this may fog your helmet front screen in winter season! A new face of India is around me now. I am riding through the world of posh offices, centralized A/Cs and designer glass facades. I am too used to it now. I don’t give them a second glance. Initially, I used to browse through the inner streets but now I prefer not. I am getting used to it. I fear, it may reflect my loneliness again starkly into my eyes. So I park my bike roadside. Remove my helmet. Switch my cell into silent mode. And just sit silent on my lone mate, my bike.

Just do it, if you get time. Marvelous things happen thereafter. My breath gets stable and slows down. But nothing sort of Samadhi is achieved actually. That’s hard to achieve, especially when all kinds of expensive cars (loaded with their overweight owners!) going fast and winking at you. But I must admit, it gives me some strange solace. And I return back home in merry mood, leaving behind all the tension and negative brain waves behind…