2012 in review

This is wordpress’s report about my blog’s performance this year. I got around 100 more views this year. And I wrote about 2 posts per month on an average…
Many thanks to Marathiblogs, Netbhet and Aniket Samudra‘s old Manatale blog too, for sending maximum viewers to my blog. Only more readers makes it worth to post my writings in this vast sea of blogosphere…
One more thanks to all those who took out there time to put a comment here. Beware! You are an endangered species!! 🙂

By all these thanks, I, by no means, wish estrange you but am only expressing my heartfelt feelings to you. 🙂

I wish, we all have a fabulous year blogging. Cheers to wordpress!

Alhad Mahabal
2012 in review वाचन सुरू ठेवा


Tiny Pleasures of Life

It has been my latest discovery that in today’s fast life, we tend to miss some tiny pleasures of our life. These pleasures may be tiny but the fun is great. Tiny Pleasures of Life वाचन सुरू ठेवा