Remembering Pristina

Pristina… was a pristine girl as her name suggested. Her eyes, face never looked much smiling or attitude laden, but it evoked a sense of pristinity in viewer’s mind. Her greenish eyes, of lighter shade, always looked pale. They were pale greenish, clean and had a layer of cleanest water of earth on them! You could actually look through them to see a cloudless horizon. Remembering Pristina वाचन सुरू ठेवा

Tiny Pleasures of Life

It has been my latest discovery that in today’s fast life, we tend to miss some tiny pleasures of our life. These pleasures may be tiny but the fun is great. Tiny Pleasures of Life वाचन सुरू ठेवा

My Poem

I watched you, I listened to you
Everything I risked in my love for you
But was there anything for me in your mind?
the game was so cruel that the death was kind
Someday I realised that you faked me
and doing nothing I sat down with head in my knee
No matter that you loved me not
but you were in my heart, to whom my hands belong
I lost my love, I lost meaning of my life
Really speaking, my life was her but the meaning was mine
Not the love but its meaning turned sore
my life continued without that glamour and glare
Death was so kind, that I left my body with hopes of great afterlife

This is what I call great
Writing a song about you
on this heavenly slate
Sitting in this chair
Hearing the bagpipe sound like blurr!
Being so happy one;
Why should I think about YOU BLOODY GIRL?