The Holiday

After much delay, I finally watched ‘The Holiday‘. I watched ‘The Holiday’ that Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz took, not the Akshay Kumar one. The film talks about love. It limits itself on just finding love. If you want a bollywood style “lived happily ever after” fairy tail, look elsewhere. I saw the film being classified as a romantic comedy which I think it is not. It incites few good laughs and that’s about it. The story is about Iris and Amanda, falling out of love with Jasper and Ethan and finding Graham and Miles, across the Atlantic. The Holiday वाचन सुरू ठेवा

“Race” the Movie

Race is the name of the movie. First it is a derby i.e a horse race. Though we see all kinds of fancy cars in the movie. They race just at a climax. The director duo shows up a diferent kind of people. These people talk only in terms of millions of dollars. After mortgaging everything to bank, they bet and win derbies only to pay the loan installments!
The story goes more or less like today’s daily soaps, a family quarrelling over money. Here, it is a race of life between two brothers, Ranveer Singh(Saif Ali Khan) and Rajeev Singh(Akshaye Khanna). Rajeev is drunkard and simply irritated by Ranveer’s big brotherhood as he being always a looser against Ranveer. So the film is about Rajeev’s attempt to making Ranveer loose against him. Simply speaking, rajeev tries to kill him in so called accident to claim his 100 million dollars insurance. The story unfolds in a typical abbas-mustan style. Everything is chick, super fashinable and thrilling too.
A race implies being fast. But the movie is NOT that fast. The pace slows down due to those traditional reasons, songs and comedy! Songs are ok ok. And comedy is not even that. Anil Kapur plays a fraud fruit loving police officer. Sameera Reddy is his half mad assistant. Just to let Anil Kapur crack some weird jokes with her. Sameera is wasted. But both other girls, Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif are used well to create a suspense as well as to increase glamour quotient! The story plot is like this. Rajeev has plans to kill Ranvir, so he will get 100 million dollars. Inspite of good planning efforts, he always fails. Why? because he is not the hero!The climax race is really choreographed well! They both dont use brakes. Just drift it! And its really thrilling when one of the cars is Toyota Supra!! Car lovers must watch “Race”. Saif Ali Khan uses Carrera GT, Akshaye has Ferrari F40, Bipasha drives latest BMW. And Merc Benz, Landcruiser, Pajero are also seen!!!
OK if you are deciding whether to watch the movie, based on my review; then remember one thing nothing in the movie is as bad or good as I have written! So also check this out to enjoy!!