Trapped in tight bounds…

Trapped in tight bounds of my own existence
Still overwhelmed by the monstrosity
And underwhelmed by the happenings
I often choose to sleep
To stop my head from exploding Trapped in tight bounds… वाचन सुरू ठेवा


Let me fathom this void first
Then I will go around
go around searching its non existing nature
I then need to check
how strong are the walls of this void
Void वाचन सुरू ठेवा

Thoughts at Nashik

I was at nashik some days back. There, in much silent setting, I was able to chronicle my thoughts into words. Today, just some time back. I wrote down my afterthoughts. Though personal in nature, I see no much harm putting it in here. Here it goes…  Thoughts at Nashik वाचन सुरू ठेवा